Spiritual Wellness


I offer many services to support your spiritual wellness. Whether you are seeking an Access Bars session, Reiki, or other Intuitive Healing session custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, I have you covered!  I'm flexible, too; appointments available in person or via video conference at times convenient for you.


Everyday Magic


Allow me to help you bring some magic into your life! Tarot reading sessions, crystal healing, oils and herbs, hand-made jewelry, moon and nature magic, inspirational crafting classes, instructional videos and women's (men, too!) circles are just a sampling of the many ways I can connect you to that magical spark within you.    

For more fun and inspiration, join my FB group: Everyday Magic with Krystee Danielle


Who am I?

An intuitive healer, believer of magic and all-around spiritual badass. I'm out to heal the world- one person at a time! 

How can I help YOU today?  Let me share my knowledge, experience and gifts with you so you can create your best life possible.  Whether you require a gentle, guiding hand or a blunt friend who does't sugar coat things, allow me to assist you on your unique journey.  I can provide you with the tools you need to create a nurturing, supportive, environment for self-healing to take place.